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In my unconscious and unhealthy desire to make everything better, I often spend hours Googling, exploring, and testing by trial and error, only to Google, explore, and test some more. When I finally arrive at a workable solution, I sometimes bookmark sites to come back to, make a note on my computer/phone, or just think I'll remember what I did. However, usually all of that hard work just floats back out to sea in the great big internet of life.

This year (2023), I am trying to make a concerted effort to document more, so I can go back to it in the future, but more importantly, so maybe you don't have to do the patchwork research I had to do. I will do my best to link to references and site sources, because I never want to give anyone the impression I know how to do all of this stuff. But if I know how to do anything well, it's finding the right information, getting started, and persevering.